Protector of the Court Series

While I was watching the 2019 World Dodgeball Federation World Championships in Cancun, Mexico the week of Thanksgiving, I realized not only was I watching Dodgeball at its highest competition, but I was watching the outcome of yet another breakthrough in terms of Competitive Dodgeball as a whole. That latest "breakthrough" can best be described as athletic training and conditioning to prepare for a competitive event they way a conventional sports athlete would. 

Therein lies the next breakthrough. It is no longer enough to be remotely in shape, play in your local league or open gym for a day or two a week, and hope to contend on par with the world competitors. Those seeking to not only make it to the world stage, but also dominate it, must now exchange poor diets for clean eating, and time on the couch into time in the gym. They may even have to go so far as to seek out a personal trainer. The months leading up to Worlds has produced a myriad of social media content showcasing various country members working out and displaying their path towards victory, setting a standard within the Dodgeball community. 

While these Dodgeball players, who are currently at the height of their competitive game produced incredible plays, unfortunately to the outsider, all of the hard work, all of the strategy, all of the conditioning, and the mental fortitude that goes into the game is still not fully understood by the general public and its a shame.

We are currently witnessing the Tom Bradys, Megan Rapinoes, and (insert your conventional sports idols here) of Dodgeball executing phenomenal play after phenomenal play, each with their own narrative, their own story on why they need to win, all producing film and plays worthy of any ESPN Sports Center highlight reel, or Panel Discussion.

However, while these clips and images may be circulating the internet, to the casual observer, many details are lost. Details, and insight that could really help involve someone with zero Dodgeball background to become emotionally invested with the teams or players of the teams playing out before them.

This why our latest "Protector of the Court" series may be a great solution to this problem:

By taking a play that is widely known by the Dodgeball community, and breaking it down play by play, action by action, and thought by thought, these clips provide two unique pieces of content. The first allows current Dodgeball players a glimpse into the mind and strategy of the player executing the play. Second, these clips provide a narrative of what is transpiring and what is at stake for the person describing what is going on within those quick a fast running seconds.

In breaking down a play that is already deemed incredible to the Dodgeball community from an excitement standpoint, and showcasing it as an opportunity for aspiring players to review as they would review film, the Protector of the Court series aims to provide more depth into Competitive Dodgeball scene as a whole.

You can check out our first episode here:

Paige 2 v 1 Semi-Finals


Moving forward, Ballistae's Protector of the Court series seeks to interview and breakdown the Dodgeball Communities most memorable and impactful plays in hopes to provide an opportunity to understand what is taking place behind some of Dodgeball's most talented players, but also, provide entertainment and an opportunity for outsiders to better get know the great game of Dodgeball and understand or at the very least respect its complexities.

If you have a play that you would like broken down, email us at or, tag us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and use #protectorofthecourt so we can look into it the clip.

Elevating the game. One play at a time.


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