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    Oh 2020...

    If Ballistae had a 2020 Face...
    2020 started off with such promise. With the early months breaking 2019 sales records, incredible footage and images from events passed to reinforce our brand, new feedback and ideas in the works, we stood poised to hit the Dodgeball community with...

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    What We've Been Up To...

    What We've Been Up To...

    Suffice to say, the last month hasn't been the most ideal, and that is definitely putting it lightly. With Competitive Dodgeball being postponed, to include virtually every recreational league and open gym, Dodgeball just isn't happening at the moment. For that, we are truly bummed. 

    That isn't to say that we're not actively preparing for when we're able to take the courts again. While that will be a glorious day that we all look forward to, here is what we're up to and what we will continue to be up until then:

    1. V2s - testing came back overall very positive. They have held up to standards set forth by our most aggressive sliders and we feel we found a fabric/stitch pattern that works to keep up with friction burn. We are projecting their availability for mid May (a lot of our production has been greatly hindered by COVID-19).





    2. My Athlete Box partnership. While we gently teased this back during Sin City of this year (feels like FOREVER ago), survey results have come in showing there is a demand for a Ballistae "Tournament Box" edition that can not only fuel the Competitive Dodgeball Athlete with healthy and clean food products, but also hook them up with gear to aid in the pre, during, and post Dodgeball specific workouts.


    3. Complimenting our partnership with My Athlete Box, we are working with Ball Out Dodgeball Podcast to double down on their commitment to covering the competitive and athletic aspect of Dodgeball. 



    4. We will be working with the one, the only, Brenda Kramer as she continues to help us stay in fit during these quarantine times in our continued effort to help all members of the Dodgeball Community hone in and reinforce their talents. More to follow.


    5. Protector of the Court Series - Remember these? We toyed with these towards the end of 2019 as we looked forward to the abundance of footage that would surely come our way in 2020. Well, once we get back to the competitive scene, we will be dissecting every game impacting second to get you into the minds of some of Dodgeball's greatest players and their epic moments.


    6. And last but absolutely not least - getting back to quicker response times for our beloved supporters. Without you all, we wouldn't be here and for that, we could not thank you enough. As much as we yearn for the day that Dodgeball in any facet pays the bills, times have been insane and Ballistae has unfortunately had to lose a little priority from time to time. From adjusting to social distancing, to taking a small but very active role in our community's response to dealing with this pandemic, adjusting has been interesting. 

    However, once the smoke all clears and we line up to experience the thrill of playing dodgeball once again, Ballistae will be there.

    Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay ready.  


    - Steve


    Protector of the Court Series

    Protector of the Court Series

    Moving forward, Ballistae's Protector of the Court seeks to interview and breakdown the Dodgeball Communities most memorable and impactful plays in hopes to provide an opportunity to understand what is taking place behind some of Dodgeball's most talented players, but also, provide entertainment and an opportunity for outsiders to better get know the great game of Dodgeball and understand or at the very least respect its complexities.

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