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    Ballistae Dodgeball Gear is a labor of love derived from a sport we are fanatic about. After getting fed up with having to search in multiple departments of a sporting goods store to piece together the ultimate Dodgeball performance wear and gear, we decided it was time to be part of the change we wish to see in this world.

    Derp.How many times have we seen this before? Where's the love for dodgeball?


    What's in a Name?

    As there aren't very many coined Dodgeball terms (unless you want to bring up "the movie") to work off of (and some exist within certain organizations exclusively), we wanted a name that would stand out amongst the Dodgeball community and its players new and experienced alike.

    When one thinks of the sport of Dodgeball, the main image that comes to mind is someone being pelted by a relentless barrage of balls. As Ballistae is the plural form of Ballista, we felt we'd get that point across. 

    Our Mission

    At Ballistae Gear, we have a mission to become the official supplier of Dodgeball gear and apparel. To do this, we are dedicated to developing equipment, gear, apparel, and accessories needed for dodgeball players to participate and excel in the sport. 

    Our Vision

    We want to be a one-stop shop for Dodgeball players, new and experienced alike, for everything they need to get in the game. We want to support the players and help grow the sport so that one day, you can walk into a sporting goods store and be able to b-line straight for a *gasp* Dodgeball section. 

    Our Promise

    Our promise to you, the Dodgeball player, is to provide you with affordable, quality gear and apparel that will keep you in the game.