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    Soon, the days of hitting sporting goods store after sporting goods store trying to piece together everything you need to play Dodgeball will be gone.

    Ballistae Dodgeball Gear and Apparel will be your one-stop shop for everything. Protective equipment? Check. Fancy gear? Check. Team Uniforms? Check. Everything in between? Checkmate.  

    So, why such an ambitious undertaking? Like you, we grew tired of shopping in the volleyball section for kneepads, the basketball section for a shooter's sleeve, the baseball section for...well, you get the idea. Wouldn't it be nice to just have everything in one place? 

    We know so.

    However, this goes beyond convenience. By creating our own branded equipment and apparel, we will bring further legitimacy to the sport. Imagine, a pair of Dodgeball shoes designed by players, for players that provide you with all of the support and durability needed while executing all of the many random movements on the court. By working exclusively with proven and dedicated manufacturers, we may not be so far off from seeing that happen and maybe someday, we will head to our local sporting goods store and see our own Dodgeball section. 

    Till then, our promise is to keep you, the passionate player in mind while we work to bring you all you need to keep in the game.